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Accident law in Trier, Germany

Specialist solicitor in road traffic law

Born 1974 in Trier, married, one son

  • 2000: First State examination
  • 2002: Second State examination
  • 2003: Admission as advocate
  • Since 2008: Specialist solicitor in road traffic law
  • 2003: Training course of specialist solicitor for fiscal law

Fremdsprachen/Languages: English


  • Compensation for damage after traffic accident
  • Enforcement of vehicle damages and bodily injury (compensation for pain and suffering, households due to damage)
  • Defense of administrative fines (e.g. exceeding the speed limit, red light violation)
  • Vehicle-buy (purchase agreement, warranty, guarantee, defects, return instruction)
  • Criminal traffic law (e.g. drunk driving, accidental escape, coercion, insult)


  • Law of insurance contract and particularities of litigation,
  • Right of the insurance supervisory
  • International insurance law
  • Transportation insurance law and insurance law forwarding
  • Property insurance law (especially the right of vehicle insurance, building insurance, home insurance, baggage insurance, fire insurance, burglary insurance and construction insurance)
  • Legal of private personal insurance (particularly the right to life insurance, health insurance, travel insurance, accident insurance and disability insurance)
  • Liability insurance law (especially the law of insurance, personal liability, company liability insurance, liability insurance, the professions, environmental and product liability insurance, construction insurance)
  • Legal protection insurance law
  • Fidelity Law and credit insurance law


  • Freight law of the various modes of transport (road, rail, water, sea, inland water and air)
  • Enforcement of wage freight, freight charges and storage fees
  • Shipping law
  • Storage and Logistics Law
  • Design of logistics contracts
  • damages in transit
  • Transport Insurance Law
  • Moving right
  • Defense of administrative fines
  • Approvals GüKG
  • Securing the claims within the short statute of limitations
  • Recourse management
  • Cross Trespassing Goods by Road (CMR)
  • Container traffic


  • Examination of indictments
  • Doctor criminal law (negligent homicide, negligent injury "Malpractice", accounting fraud)
  • Strangers in prison (unauthorized residence, imminent deportation)
  • Statement offenses (false unsworn statement "false statement", perjury)
  • Preferential treatment, receiving stolen property, money laundering
  • Appeal
  • Probation (probation revocation, extension of the probation period)
  • Criminal law on corruption (bribery, corruption, granting a benefit, advantage-taking,    private bribery)
  • Narcotics Criminal Law (possession, acquisition, trafficking in narcotics BtmG)
  • Larceny, embezzlement
  • Defamation (defamation, slander, libel)
  • False accusation
  • Bankruptcy Criminal Law (bankruptcy, insolvency, withholding and embezzlement of   wages)
  • Internet criminal
  • Juvenile penal law
  • Offenses against life / homicide (murder, manslaughter, negligent homicide, euthanasia,  artificial abortion)
  • Bodily injury (intentional and negligent bodily harm, dangerous and serious bodily injury, personal injury, wrongful death, abuse of wards, involvement in a brawl)
  • Medical law
  • Protection of victims (representation accessory prosection, civil action, legal counsel)
  • Revision
  • Sexual crimes (rape, sexual assault, sexual abuse, pimping, distribution, purchase and possession of pornographic writings)
  • Criminal and forensic
  • Criminal act against public order (trespass, breach of the peace, incitement, of violence, abuse of titles, usurpation, custody fracture, fracture involvement, feigning offense)
  • Crimes against abeas corpus act (threat, coercion, deprivation of liberty, human trafficking, kidnapping, abduction, kidnapping, child trafficking, adjustment)
  • Environmental law
  • Document fraud (forgery, falsification of technical records, indirect false certification)
  • Penal traffic law (driving without a license, drunk driving, failure to stop from the accident, road hazard, dangerous intervention in the road)
  • Violation of the confidentiality of the word
  • Property offenses (fraud, computer fraud, theft, robbery, extortion, theft predatory extortion, embezzlement)
  • Violation of the Arms Act (Weapons Act WaffG)
  • Concerning business offences (especially serious fraud, corruption, bribery, etc.)